DSC-F828 – Freihändig fotografieren bei sehr wenig Licht

Michael Reichmann beschreibt auf seiner Webseite: >>I have discovered what appears to be an undocumented „feature“ of Night Shot mode. When the camera is set to P, A or S exposure modes the currently set ISO is applied. But, if the camera is set to the green „dummy“ mode, wherein the camera does almost all settings automatically, when the light gets low enough the ISO gets automatically bumped up to 1600. This, combined with the built-in Infra-red transmitter, permits shooting with hand-holdable shutter speeds in very low light levels. The results are greeny-gray and very noisy, but usable for some purposes.< <

Hier der Link zu seinem Review: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/cameras/sony828.shtml